Rate Limiting

VikingCloud may rate-limit incoming requests to prevent abuse and improve the stability of service for all customers. Requests that are dropped because of rate-limiting receive a 429 HTTP response.

Unless otherwise specified, endpoints are limited to 1000 requests per hour. Once a limit has been reached, you must wait until the end of the period to submit new requests.

Rate Limiting Headers

When rate limits are applicable, our APIs will include HTTP Response to convey how there requests apply to request limits. This includes:

  • What is the corresponding limit
  • How many requests can be sent before being limited
  • How much time you must wait if they have a limit has been reached
Header Example value Description value
X-RateLimit-Limit 10000 The number of allowed requests within a given period
X-RateLimit-Duration 3600 The time window, in seconds, during which those requests are accounted for.
X-RateLimit-Remaining 42 How many requests can be sent before the limit applies
Retry-After 3543 How many seconds to wait before a retry
X-RateLimit-Reset 1568126089 A unix time epoch indicating when X-RateLimit-Remaining will return to its higher possible value